Cooperation with Nya Nordiska

May 2022|

Nya Nordiska is a supplier of high-quality fabrics, which was founded in Düsseldorf by Heinz Röntgen in 1964 . The variety of curtains, decorative and upholstery fabrics, as well as the symbiosis of the Scandinavian design language and the influence of colors and shapes from Europe and the entire world characterize Nya Nordiska. ELOA's luminaries shine in the individual design concept. The colors of the hand-blown glass, the selected fabrics and design objects are in a lively dialogue and create a special ambience. Photos: Steve Herud Creative Direction & Styling: Milia Seyppel Studio Textile: Nya Nordiska Table: Mykilos Chair (pink): Mukilos Chair (with cups): Mukilos Carafe/ Glasses: &Tradition Candlesticks: mehr >

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