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ELOA started with a realistic task. A lighting concept was requested for a loftlike space with different functions such as cooking, eating, working – all in one room. ELOAs lighting concept was able to create different atmospheric spaces within in one space and to distinguish and define the programmatic variety. Also, the atmospheres can be modulated in alignment of time and event. Further requests generated the idea to develop a variable, modular system.

ELOA combines the craft of ancient glassblowing with a simple, yet distinct design. To achieve the large size of the glass objects while working without forms requires a high level of refined craftsmanship and skill, which can only be performed by a few master glassblowers in Bohemia. These objects exist as pendant, floor, standing, and wall luminaries as well as bowls and vases. ELOA was founded in 2015 by the Swiss designer Simone Lüling, who is based in Berlin. Simone Lüling designs and coordinates the objects with the vision of combining simplicity and high-quality artisanship.

Simone Lüling: Director (Director)

Owner und Designer Simone Lüling

The Founder
Simone Lüling

Simone Lüling was born in 1975 in Basel, Switzerland. She studied industrial design at Zurich University of the Arts. Her master thesis was awarded with the Swiss Federal Design- Award. She worked in London with star-designer Jasper Morrison. In Berlin she co-founded the art-gallery Cruise & Callas which showed young contemporary artists. From 2010 on she worked as product- designer and interior architect in Berlin. In 2015 Simone Lüling founded ELOA- Unique – Lights GmbH. Simone designs and coordinates the products with the vision of combining simplicity and high-quality artisanship.

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