Debuting publicly for the first time, MATTER of COURSE, a new Berlin-based female design collective, opens BALANCING ACTS – a pop up exhibition celebrating the value of collaboration and finding balance in contemporary life. The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Anava Projects and will take place from 11-13 September at Friends Space in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Conceived as six vignettes, each playful installation includes stacked, suspended, and juxtaposed works by multiple designers from the 11-person collective. The furniture, lighting, textiles, carpets, and accessories are composed together to express the values that drew these diverse creatives together in the first place: there is strength, poetry, and joy in collaboration, offering a support structure to share ideas, struggles, and experiences.

The exhibition, at the same time, serves as a reflection of the designers’ commitment to finding balance: between the needs of individuals versus collectives; between personal and professional responsibilities, between form, color, and material; between feeling gratitude for what is given and the striving to innovate, experiment, and grow.

The designers are all guided by a deep respect for our ecological and social environment, each presenting strong, individual points of view while honoring the delicate and courageous act of coming together, wherever you are, whoever you are.

Curators: Anna Carnick & Wava Carpenter – Anava Projects

Location: Friends Space by Friends of Friends, Berlin

Photographer: Anne Deppe


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