9 Bold Color Highlights from Milan Design Week 2023

There is a springtime following winter, and we are in it. Color can match our emotional state. Bold and bright, it seizes a room, lifts us up, and comforts us. For the first time since the global pandemic, international furnishings event Salone del Mobile and the coinciding Milan Design Week returned to their former April time slot, for the most part back to the usually scheduled program.

As Interior Design jaunted around town and the fairgrounds, we saw color, color, and more color. And this makes sense. Would a gray or neutral beige really express what we have gone through? Now, in this moment, color should shout. Or perhaps, wrapped up in our own spaces for so long, we know ourselves better. Color is about individualism, after all. From a pastel outdoor sofa system to a balloon that won’t float away and pendants that climb to the heavens, here are nine of our favorite, colorful finds from Milan Design Week 2023.

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