LYRA I Pendant Light

ELOA’s LYRA pendant lamp floats gracefully in space. The extruded shape of the glass creates a variety of poetic shapes, colours and spaces depending on the viewer’s point of view. Both during the day and at night, the soft colour transition in Yellow Green Blue creates a calming atmosphere. The bright colours Flamingo, Coral and White Opaque provide fresh and radiant colour accents.

Glass colour and size: White Opaque, Coral, Flamingo

Glass colour

CORAL flamingo white opaque YGB

chrome steelGoldFinishBlackPowder


ELOA SIRIUS Hängeleuchten Glas

LYRA Yellow Green Blue | M, L

ELOA 2022 11 LYRA YGB M L XL PhotoBy MartinMueller StylingBy NiciTheuerkauf RGB LR

LYRA Yellow Green Blue | M, L, XL

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