Press day in Hamburg

Our PR-agency IMPULSE invited to a design-excursion inside the Stilwerk-Hotel Heimhude in Hamburg. Along the theme „home away from home“, different spaces were arranged in collaboration with various design-partners. Our unique luminaries were perfectly staged and created a breathtaking atmosphere

Left side see CERES shining in amber iridescent.

ELOAs Table lamp SEDNA is shaped naturally amorph, balanced, peaceful, and harmonious, helping it to become one with the room while levitating in the space. The brilliance of crystal blends down softly into gradients of color, which can seem wonderful soothingly and balancing. The integrity of the blown glass gives it the flexibility of looking beautiful anywhere, whether used as a table piece or as a pendant lamp.

Inspired by the stars in design and name, STATIX combines function with a uniquely eccentric style. With its handmade wooden tripod base, featuring finely crafted metal fixings, it carries us off in much the way that a telescope would – showing us a sky of endless possibilities. With this hand-blown lamp, you can easily adjust its brightness of mood to your preference. STATIX comes in two color variations. The Amber Iridescent version, with its exclusive hand-blown bulb, brings the glow of a sunset into the realm of your personal living space. In Silver Smoke, this lamp surrounds you with the quietly elegant serenity of moonlight. These heavenly beings have a presence all their own; stabilizing and illuminating.

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