IMM Cologne 2020

The new product STARGLOW with a total of 150 unique glass lights was presented for the first time at the IMM cologne 2020 inthe booth of KETTNAKER. The manufacturer Kettnaker has been creating “Made-in-Germany” furniture systems since 150 years. On the occasion of this anniversary ELOA- Unique Lights has designed the lighting concept. ELOA’s organic forms create the perfect contrast to KETTNAKER’s straight lines and the collaboration at imm cologne is an ongoing project since the past five years. ELOA combines ancient glassblowing craft with simple and concise design. The glasses are manufactured in traditional glassworks. STARGLOW now combines ELOA’s smallest glass lights into a cloud of sparkling reflections. It appears as a configuration with 3, 6 or 10 lights. Due to its petite size and LED technology, STARGLOW can be used impressively in many areas.Whether in the lounge area or at the dining table, STARGLOW captivates with its airy and glimmering presence by way of its unique colors and myriad of possible lighting effects.

photo credits: Guido Marx

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