emotion – Working Women

issue 2020
page 84

Inspired by the aesthetics and names of the stars, the floor lamp STATIX combines functionality with a uniquely eccentric style. With its handmade wooden stand and finely crafted metal fixation, STATIX by ELOA takes us to a faraway place like a telescope that shows us a firmament of infinite possibilities. Off to the wall or as a centerpiece, its appearance is subtle but always sublime. With this hand-blown light, you can easily adjust the brightness to your own preference, depending on your mood. STATIX comes in two beautiful color options. One is the Iris Amber version with a gradient and  an exclusive hand-blown glass that brings the glow of a sunset into the realm of your personal living space. The other is the Silver Smoke version, which embraces the soft, graceful tranquility of moonlight. These celestial beings all have an appearance all their own; they empower and enlighten.

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