2024-06-05T12:24:31+02:00June 2024|

INTERIOR | DESIGN | ARCHITECTURE Supernova ist ein seltenes und magisches visuelles Phänomen, das sich in einer schnellen Helligkeit manifestiert. So wie explodierende Sterne die Ursache für diese Schönheit in der Natur sind, mehr >

ELLE Decoration

2024-02-15T10:13:54+01:00February 2024|

PLANETOIDE are asymmetrical glass bodies that float gracefully in the room as elegant glass luminaires. Combine the different shapes and the variety of coloured glass to give your room an individual ambience. The mehr >

Living at Home

2024-02-14T09:07:16+01:00February 2024|

Mini Galaxy "The lights have names like "Sirius" or "Astrea" and sometimes look like a small solar system and sometimes like colorful soap bubbles. " The poetic and special constellations of unique glass mehr >


2024-01-25T11:29:13+01:00January 2024|

"For me, Swiss design is characterised by a minimal, precise design language combined with high-quality materials and careful execution." The amorphous glass lamp opens up a play between colour and light with every mehr >

ELLE Decoration

2023-10-17T13:02:06+02:00October 2023|

Planetoids are small asymmetrical objects that float delicately in space. Combine their various forms and colors to custom-design the celestial ambience of your room. PLANETOIDS are available as individuals or in trios, quartets, mehr >


2023-10-17T12:21:17+02:00October 2023|

Haumea is an elliptical asteroid with a crystalline surface. ELOAs HAUMEA AMORPH is topped with the clear brilliance of crystal. This brilliance then blends down softly into gradients of milky color, which can mehr >


2023-07-26T16:31:22+02:00July 2023|

ELOA’s HAUMEA CONVEX corresponds to HAUMEA AMORPH. The shape of ELOA’s HAUMEA CONVEX displays its outgoing curves whereas HAUMEA AMORPHs characteristic shape are ingoing curves. Like a weightless asteroid and a warbling bubble, mehr >

AW June 2023

2023-07-26T16:42:47+02:00July 2023|

DWARF PLANET lamps emit a soft light into your space, their appealingly rounded forms reflecting the individualistic irregularities of the celestial bodies after which they are named. These handmade lamps are available in mehr >


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