ELLE Decoration

PLANETOIDE are asymmetrical glass bodies that float gracefully in the room as elegant glass luminaires. Combine the different shapes and the variety of coloured glass to give your room an individual ambience. The beautifully shaped glass bodies in the PLANETOIDE range are available individually or as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, etc. – the possibilities are endless. Organically shaped luminaires create a gentle colour gradient of light and become an eye-catcher in the interior. A special and luxurious atmosphere is created. Customised lighting arrangements are configured by professional lighting designers and tailored to individual requirements. Arrangements can be put together tone on tone or more colourful, wilder clusters can be used to create a unique spectacle of colour in the room. Harmonious and contrasting combinations are therefore possible. The luxury designer lamps from Berlin are manufactured in an experienced glass-blowing workshop in the Czech Republic and inspected by the designers at Eloa – Unique Lights before they end up in the hands of new owners. This means that the promise of quality is kept.

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