A new restaurant has been opened in the heritage-protected Villa Duttenhofer in Rottweil. While planning the interior, architect Hinnerk Dedecke attached great importance to a well-rounded balance of the individual room components. The ceiling symbolizes the foliage in the park which surrounds and encloses the villa. ELOA’s amorphous luminous objects fit in harmoniously and create a sensual atmosphere. The result is a restaurant of poetic radiance.

Above the round wooden table shines a SIRIUS in Amber Iridescent in size M. SIRIUS is the most visible star in the sky. It combines the vibrancy of light with the beauty of an organically rounded horizontal shape, giving your space a majestic sense of levitation. Sparkling, hanging from the ceiling, with its charming irregular shape SIRIUS creates the impression of a calm movement through the room. The shimmering amber tone contains all the colors of the light spectrum, which radiates a warm glow and envelops you in a cozy cocoon of calm and serenity.

Restaurant VILLA
Villa Duttenhofer
Königstraße 1
78628 Rottweil

Design: Unit Berlin /
Photos: Juni-Fotografen – Julia Schmidt, Nikolas Hagele
Cooperation: Tina Winkhaus (mural)

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