Opening of our Atelier and Showroom

A colorful festival full of light and ease in the middle of design luminaires

We spent a bright, colourful evening with business partners and friends and celebrated the opening of our new studio and showroom. After a long time a get-together and exchange was possible again and we really enjoyed to celebrate with you. The event was a feast for all the senses with music by Candra Lorber, Tommi Eckert, Beat Solèr, Flo Plenge and Red Robin, fragrances by Claudia Haense, colourful catering by Gans & Gar, Gin by Monkey Gin, spices of Zimt & Pfeffer and wine by Goldhahn & Sampson. The theme of the evening was the stimulation of all senses and the symbiosis of design and art. Special ambient light shines through the design luminaires at ELOA’s studio and showroom in Berlin. The minimalistic interior design of ELOA’s studio and showroom contrasts wonderfully with the organically shaped glass lamps. Stylish interior worlds can be created with the design lights. Apart from the amorphous shapes, the unique colour combinations are characteristic of the design lamps made of glass. The iridescent glass creates opalescent colours which attracts extra attention. Muted colours, on the other hand, have a harmonising effect and provide a special ambient light with gentle colour gradients. We would like to thank Freifrau Manufaktur, Lyk Carpet, Joa Herrenknecht, Hanne Willmann, Sofa Company and MK Forms for the great cooperation.

Photos: Liang Zhang

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