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ELOA’s luminaires
transform rooms into atmospheres.

Light objects float weightlessly in space. Fragile, iridescent, timeless. Solitary, or in constellation, ELOA lamps create individual light concepts that remind us of star constellations. Hence the objects‘ names.

ELOA combines the craft of ancient glassblowing with a simple, yet distinct design. To achieve the large size of the glass objects while working without forms requires a high level of refined craftsmanship and skill, which can only be performed by a few master glassblowers in Bohemia. These objects exist as pendant, floor, standing, and wall luminaries as well as bowls and vases.

ELOA was founded in 2015 by the Swiss designer Simone Lüling, who is based in Berlin. Simone Lüling designs and coordinates the objects with the vision of combining simplicity and high-quality artisanship.

About ELOA

ELOAs light objects are on display in well recognized shops such as the BULGARI hotel in Dubai, the LE BON MARCHÉ and the design gallery ELBAZE in Paris among other well curated shops around the world. Since 2017 ELOA cooperates with the furniture manufacturer KETTNAKER for whom ELOA creates the yearly unique lighting installation at the 300m2 booth at IMM Cologne. ELOAs glass objects are shown around the world at HANDMADE world tour 2018 in cities as Peking, New York, Dubai, Mexico City, Doha, Copenhagen and others. In 2017 ELOA got awarded at the design fair EUNIQUE in Karlsruhe.


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Pendant Lights

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Floor and Table Lamps

ELOA Unique Lights STATIX Stehleuchte Glas

Floor Lamp

ELOA Unique Lights MAKEMAKE Vase Glas

Bowls & Vases

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